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October 20, 2012

⊱❁Elvie ღ Yuen❁⊰

Trước khi đọc truyện thì đọc qua cái này trước nhé


Bữa giờ có một số người dùng mạng VNPT nói là không vào được wordpress, theo như các bạn ấy nói rằng VNPT chặn do một số wordpress có chứa thông tin phản động… Các bạn ấy đã dùng Hotpot Shield để vào… nhưng HS thì khi dùng phải bật hoài, và lấy server nước ngoài, cho nên khi dùng HS việc load web rất chậm… Nếu như các bạn chỉ HS trong việc vào wordpress đọc truyện thì có thể dùng địa chỉ để thay thế…

Đã đưa 1 số bạn dùng thử và các bạn ấy giờ đã vào được… Không cần phải dùng HS, chỉ cần vào và ghi địa chỉ wordpress cần đọc vào ô trống sau đó enter là được…


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October 9, 2012

Lake Superior Spirit

Today is my last post about beautiful Mackinac Island, located between Michigan’s Lower and Upper Peninsulas.

I surely enjoyed a delightful visit there on my way back home to L’Anse in the Upper Peninsula a week or two ago.

Today might you enjoy pausing to watch butterflies flitting at the Wings of Mackinac Butterfly House on the island?  If you pay a tad bit more when you purchase your horse-drawn carriage ride tickets, you may wander through the Butterfly House dreaming butterfly dreams.

That’s what I did.

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October 9, 2012


Here’s a perfectly pretty pink flower that I’m using as a foil to mess with your sense of where to look. You end up belatedly alighting on the in-focus leaf.

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October 9, 2012

ESJ Photo | Eventing Photography Blog

One of the greatest gifts a photographer can have is the capacity to travel. These days I average two overseas trip per annum, but normally they are equine related. In other words I leave family at home and chase my sporting passion as an Eventing Official. Recently we went on our first family proper holiday really since 2005, as a family we had a relaxing week in the sun in Phuket.

First things, first I can tell you there is nothing more satisfying than the tropical heat when you have left behind a cold and damp winter. In Phuket it is hot and steamy most of the year and I did sweat a lot, it is humid. For a bit of karma, the morning after we arrived home my whole car had a layer of ice 5-10mm thick on it.

So as a family, my wife Kim and our two…

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